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Hello Racers
I will be demonstrating how to use Precision Slot Cars chassis fixtures.This will be a photo guide for the set up and use of your new fixture.
Assembly of the motor box
motor box Assembled
Pillow blocks
Place motor block on motor base plate
fit pieces in slots in the base and snug screws
Motor block ready to solder.Parts held 
perfectly square
Solder the pillow blocks to the front
motor mount 
Solder the motor mount to the base plate
checking the motor box with machinist
This is the results you will get with our
precision chassis fixtures
Ready for any bracing you want to add.
Setting the motor box in place on the 
fixture.Set up wheels set right height
Setting up the rear half wheelie bars
and bracket
Setting up the front half
Soldering the frame together
Soldering in the axle bushings.Make sure 
the set up wheels do not rock and lay flat
Grind or file the bearing holes until the set
up wheels lay flat and do not rock!
Bushings solder in place set up wheels set
axle horizontal to track surface
Assembling the front axle with 1/16"
music wire
setting the front axle in place. Revised
fixture has 12 front wheel bases
Finished build!
Finished build!
(586) 662-1149
Chassis' fixtured in place for reference